Sunday, March 06, 2005

Yet Another Day!!

well basically 2day woke up and went 4 my interact meeting n it lasted 4 3 hourzzz.......afta meetin came home n went on9 juz 2 chat wif 1 of my taek1do studentz hahaha weird but true juz chat with him 2 c wheter he'll be cumin 4 taekwando class 2day...afta chattin,took a bath n prepared myself 2 go 4 taekwando 2 teach class but before goin 2 class went 2 sunway pyramid 2 hav my lunch...i had lunch at dave'z deli n d service there SUCKED BIG TIME!!!the cashier wuz like soo freakin blur bout thingz!!! and in my mind she doesn't deserve the job pronto!!!ok fine afta lunch went to watsonz 2 grab myself sum strepsilz 4 my sore throat(still there and it'z really uncomfortable)...afta dat went 4 taekwando although wuz like slightly late but at least i managed 2 go n teach hehehe....during d 1st class i wuz almost fallin asleep coz diz past few dayz i did not have a good nite sleep(sigh)....but at d 2nd class i wuz all wide awake izzit bcoz my sir wuz there or izzit bcoz i juz drank 2 much of water well i ave pretty much no idea y oso soo heheh!!! alrite taekwando came bak home,eat my dinner,took a bath n sleep coz i wuz really really really tired...slept round 7.30 n woke up at 10pm all thanx to my taekwando sir who called me juz 2 ask bout handphone coz he wanna buy a new 1 hahahaha but neway lucki he called me or i wud hav overslept n i wud not hav cum online 2nite 2 update d blog hahah....ok afta wakin up frm my 'beauty' sleep came online and the first person whu chatted with me wuz marcuzz but i expected a girl but nvm so long got ppl 2 chat with i'm alrite with it hahaha alrite now i'm juz crappin so neway i think datz bout it in my second blog soo l8rz!!

=Peace Out=

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