Thursday, March 17, 2005

Frustrated / Fed-up??

frustrated well basically i juz am...iz diz because of loads of work dat i ave 2 do or am i juz takin 2 much of burdern upon myself...sigh* if only i had a clone me so that it could help me do all my stuff dat i normally do and also less my burdern....4 now i'm not juz frustrated but also fed-up because there'z juz so much to do like approvalz 4 i.u gala evening,sponsorshipz,talkz n bla bla bla...Not important people may say but 2 me it'z really important coz at timez i do take thingz seriously but at timez 2 serious iz diz the coz of me being frustrated n fed-up?well i have no idea, sum may think so but i alwayz think other causes well u be the now basically i'm now juz tryin 2 sit back n relax BUT when i alwayz do dat sum problemz can juz arise from out of nowhere n dat makes me even fed-up ahhhhh iz god tryin 2 play with me or sumthin...sigh*but anyway i really hope all diz kind of feelingz can END soon coz the more i feel dat way it makez me really un-easy n moreover diz year iz like my last year in skool n i have a major exam at the end of the year!!so i think datz it 4 diz blog.

=Peace Out=

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cLueLess said...

First of all, God does not let things happen for no reason. and it doesnt exclude ur problem. things always turn out for the better no matter how ugly they can get in the beginning. have faith in ur capabilities and in what God can do.