Saturday, March 19, 2005

Happy Friday!!

well basically 2day wuz damn fun cozzzzz i went out wif my good buddies 2day n yes i met my best friend too n i missed her like ALOT as in FREAKIN ALOT although we juz saw each other like last month BUT dat 1 month seemz freakin long...but anyway b4 goin 2 megamall 2day had a BOD meetin n discussion of my new BOD heheheh!!!so afta bod meetin went 2 magamall,met wif all my good buddiez n MY BEST FRIEND n as usual we'll go 4 bowling,watch a movie n yes the ULTIMATE 'EAT' hahahaha....n yeh i juz bought a nice sunglass when i wuz in megamall n honestly IT'z DAMN NICE n it'z P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!so anyway got home at round 9 can't imagine i spent 9 hourz in megamall 2day hahaha but it'z all good coz i wuz with my good buddiez n my BEST FRIEND....once i got home took a bath,watch sum tv,prepared a scrip 4 2moroz first aid talk n cpr demonstration n came online to chat wif my buddiez as well as update my blog so guess wot i think datz bout it 2day so..............

=Peace Out=

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