Sunday, March 13, 2005

Funky Saturday!!!

yeh FUNKY Saturday y cozzzzzz 2day it'z my skool'z leo club i.u day n the theme iz colourz of life roar 4 peace....the i.u wuz not bad at least 2day i got 2 hang out wif my favourite skool buddy ken sing...there'z also sue ann,michelle,eryl n many more!!i 2 got 2 hang out wif my good buddie shane coz he wuz sittin at my table lolz....n yeh at the i.u day i met my interact confrence buddies frm sri hartamas skool dee may n joanne hehehehe.....wot else hmm letz c oh yeh at the i.u ken sing n i were like being POZERZ infront of the cameraz when our frenz took 4 us but 2 us it'z kinda normal la rite ken sing hahahaha....not 2 mention we r like THE CURRENT POZERZ OF SMK SEAFIELD YEAR 2005 hahahahaha jokez!!alrite afta i.u day went bak home,n went 2 k.l 4 dinner rite afta dat...afta dinner came bak home watched fear factor n went out again 4 supper at asia cafe...but d suckiest thing afta supper i argued with my parentz over wot am i goin 2 do afta spm n a-levelz i think it'z juz dumb la ok....i think they juz want me 2 do business sigh*...although not my favourite but depends now sigh*......neway came home from supper n came online 2 basically chat wif my buddiez,check my friendster page n also 2 create diz i think datz bout it 4 2day l8az!!

=Peace Out=

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Anonymous said...

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