Thursday, December 31, 2009

And the Countdown begins...

2009 has been a good year for me although it had its ups and downs but definetely a good year!

In 2009 I managed to ;

1) work in Berjaya University College of Hospitality for a good solid 9 months.

2) get 3rd place in the Nestle Culinary Arts Award.

3) travelled to Singapore alone.

4) achieve good grades for my TOEFL test.

5) get admission to Leeds Metropolitan University for my degree.

6) host 2 big events on behalf of Berjaya University College of Hospitality, BBQ King and Asian Food Channel.

7) go to Penang twice with great friends.

8) go to Ipoh with my brother and I actually drove all the way there and back for the first time.

9) find my godbrother that I always wanted.

10) got myself to the UK and have been studying hard and playing hard (includes travelling)

11) have a good christmas with the family down in Eastcote, UK.

12) go for my first christmas market in Leeds, Newcastle and York.


13) make GREAT NEW FRIENDS along the way throughout the year while I was in Malaysia and in the UK.

So I am looking forward for what 2010 may bring however there will always be bound for ups and downs along the way as life isn't perfect..In the end, it is those imperfections that make it perfect.

Happy New Years to all and May 2010 bring you full of joy, laughter and happiness!



Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Leeds Metropolitan University The Beginning

As per request from my dearest brother of mine, I shall update my blog regularly! =)

It has been over a month plus since I arrived at the land of fish & chips, the ever famous queen wave, london bridge, big ben and etc. that is England..I currently re-side at Leeds where it is towards the northern part of England in the district called Yorkshire...Currently pursuing my final year degree at Leeds Metropolitan University majoring in Hospitality =)

The journey leading to this foreign place was definetely bitter sweet where I had to leave not just the country but having to leave my friends and family was the hardest..Tears run through from some of my friends eyes and definetely from the family, the people who are closest to me..other than my brother who did not cry knowing I will return soon...approximately 9 - 11 monthz I have to leave my loved ones behind but nevertheless I knew I was to embark on an excitin adventure and I am goin to make the best out of it..The time that I will be spending here seems long but with a blink of an eye, it will almost be the end...

As I boarded the Etihad Airways, it was goodbye Kuala Lumpur and HELO Abu Dhabi first for a transit and then off to Leeds via Manchester..After arriving, that is when I know I was going to be independent to stand on my own two feet and fend for myself...The first few weeks was definetely hard to adjust due to the culture differences, horrible weather and the currency exchange..after awhile, I started to get used to it and now I am doin just fine =)

Throughout my time here, I have been hangin out most of my time in the city, met a couple of new friends and partying here is a must! hahah.. even had indian and german cookout sessions with my dear friends which I love the most...Partying here is a student thing like headin over to the clubs or pubs but nevertheless control is what is most important as I do not want to burn a hole in my wallet..So far my time here has been exciting and of course there are down momentz as well but juzt need to stay positive like how my good friend Julia Neumann tells me =)

Lookin outside my window now, I see trees which has leaves turned yellow or orange or brown or red in colour or some even "naked" as it is currently autumn at the moment. Winter will be setting in mid of november or beginning in december...Weather here has been inconsistent where one minute it can be very very cold, next minute it can be very warm so it depends on mother naturez mood hahah! If you take a look at my facebook photo album gallery thats where you can check the Leeds Autumn Collection..Check it out if you would like to see how autumn is like over here...

To view photos of my time here kindly click this URL :

P/s : I miss everyone back home and not forgetting FOOD!!!!

Ipoh, Malacca and Penang here I come upon my return!!


The Soya Dynasty

Saturday, October 10, 2009

BUCH Momentz Part 2

alright so this will be the continuation from the previous took quite some time as I have assignments on my plate...

So working in BUCH was like a rollercoaster ride but it made it all fun thanx to my colleagues/friends =)

While working at BUCH I think I have learnt and experience many stuffs that made me stronger and more knowledgeable which I myself am quite impressed as well..I never believed that I could ever do it but to my suprise I did..Nevertheless, this achievements wouldn't have happen if it wasn't the support from my team members or dem to bits!!! Some of the stuffs which I did was to organize campus visits for skools, took in-charge of handling the F&B inventory & set up on the 11th floor, emceed the King of Grill AFC Event, handled course enquiries and taking people for campus tours, takin part in the education exhibitions as a course counsellor and lastly I also perform fine dining etiquette workshops for schools. It has been a memorable experience and I will treasure every moment of it!!

When I was about to leave the company to further my degree in Leeds, my colleagues were very sweet by making a video presentation of my time workin in BUCH..luckily I did not cry but it was very emotional =) although it will be 9 months or more that I will be gone but I will come back...Im sure the students are awaiting my return but like we all say time passes very fast and with a blink of an eye I'm back!

Here are some photos of me and my lovely colleagues/friends =)

It was a good 9 months and I will treasure every moment of it...Ups and Downs was a good one!

Two thumbz up for BUCH!! and I would like take this opportunity to thank Ms.Mae and Ms.Angela for giving me the job to gain an experience of a lifetime...

Thanks alot! =)

Monday, September 28, 2009

BUCH Momentz

I'm sure many people have been awaiting this post for a very very very long time so letz begin.. It was back in december, 10th of december to be precised is when I started out my journey in the working world and was glad to land up in Berjaya University College of Hospitality sitting in the Marketing & Communications Department. In the department, my role was the customer service assistant where I sit at the front desk to entertain course enquiries, liasing with the students whenever they have problems and to also to lend a shoulder whenever they needed to cry on..Other than that, I was pretty much engaged with all the activities that the Marketing & Communications and the company performed. It was definetely a true experience for me after going through 9 months..Nevertheless, work will always be work where it will have its ups and downs but the people that kept me strong was of course my family, friends,colleagues and not forgetting the students of BUCH..

During my time at BUCH, yes yes I met my godbrother..In the beginning, I just ignored when people came up to me and said "hey is that ur brother?" and I would normally reply "nah he'z just a friend.." but it's funny how in on campus many people also asked the same thing and well yes its true he is one person that I was looking for in a brother..Coz I never had a younger brother and always wanted to have one..of corse not saying my sister is hopeless or anything..yes I do love her to bits..This brother of mine is special in everyway, he has his opposites of me but he does have some similarities with me which is in a way unique =) I am grateful that I met him and he has learned alot from me whenever he is with me..of course I also learned alot from him as well..I'm also very proud of him when people tell me that he has improve so much when he was in his first semester but he still needs to work on that lazy-ness issue hahahah....Well all I can say is I love my brother to bits and have never regret meeting him...Despite the times we may fight over the radio in my car or some stuff he did badly but this were the times I enjoyed the most...It was surely a rollercoaster ride right bro? hahaha...well I'm sure you think the same as well...

Moving on, the students of BUCH well they will alwayz be my treasure. Ever since working there, I believe everyone will agree with me that I am the most engaging with the students amongst all the staffs..They will come to look for me whenever they have their ups and downs and I will be there to lend my ear..Despite my nagging all d time, I am sure they understand why I do it as I would explain the reason to them...The students are the one that keeps me strong while working in BUCH and I will always put the students first above all others..Everytime it comes to exams or assignments, I think it is my standard phrase to always tell them to put in their 110% effort and you will do well..just give your best shot! or when they did not do so well I will just tell them to buck up! hahah i'm sure some of them really did dat yeah? hahah well i hope they did..I will always enjoy some of the outings I go with them or I ask them out...From Connaught Pasar Malam to Pool to Mamaking to Dinnering or even name it, I enjoyed every moment of it...I think when I told them that I was going abroad to further my studies, I'm sure they were heart broken but nevertheless itz only going to be for 9 months and with a blink of an eye I will be back...I miss each and everyone of them because they were very special and unique in their own ways...So you guys keep up the good work! make me proud alright...Honestly, it was hard to say goodbye to you guys upon my departure but its okay like we all said 9 months!! haha..

This is juzt the first part of BUCH momentz...Be patient as Part 2 will be updated shortly...till then..cheerz! =)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Moral Forum & Fund Raisin

okay guyzzzz to check out the post on the moral forum & fund raisin check it out at thanxx sam!!!! hahaah....=)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Moral Studies = Fun =S

okay okay i know..yal mite be thinkin i must be out of my mind to say this but itz true...actualli itz the friendz that i have made which makes it fun!!! havin people from SCT, Psychology, BBM, DIBA and SHTLM is actualli a good combination and i realli hav soo much of fun in the classes....yes yes i know i alwayz get bullied by some of them but they are fun...when an environment is fun yes i will enjoy goin to that class no matter what!!! +)......yes okay i know i owe pix...maybe not now coz im at a cyber cafe bloggin this post hahaha...omfg wtf!!?!?!? okay update u guyz soon =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

welcome back soya bean!! absence here has been quite a long time...& yes yes i know some of my fellow readers like celine & KK have been pasteuring me to update my blog so yeah folks here it is my update...itz been over few weekz now since i've ended my internship at shangri-la hotel KL & itz been no doubt an incredible journey for me...met lotz of friends, learnt new things, went through my ups & downs but i will treasure every moment i had when i working there...*everytime i see KL Tower i will feel very sad because shang iz juzt next to it* sighs!! back in college or i can say soya domination is back in action at sunway university college, SHTLM!!! college juzt started & yesss itz been fun so far gettin to see all those familiar faces again..havin to see all our lecturers again but this sem is different why i say so is because this will be our final semester together yes i repeat August 2006 batch will be our last time together this sem as classmater before each & everyone of us will depart on our own come to think of it, i feeel very sad till tears want to roll down my cheek because we've been together on an amazing ride for 2 yearz pluz & here we are standin tall in our final semester...gosh how time fliez!!!

anyhow so far classes have been fun...I LOVE HRM,LAW, ECONS & ITM classes the most!!! =) i find those subjects are very i hope sem 7 will be an enjoyable one!! & yes speaking about college my SWE report OMG!!! im screwed like hell!! itz due in few weekz & im not even half way there yet....procrastination by shaun liew needs to stop immediately but i cant help myself fallin into that trap wtf omfg!!!!!! i need theraphy!!! okay im jokin.....lolx

okay so herez a lil.update from me...i will post up some of my fav. pix soon..coz streamyx iz being a bummer to me tonight..sorriz =)