Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Leeds Metropolitan University The Beginning

As per request from my dearest brother of mine, I shall update my blog regularly! =)

It has been over a month plus since I arrived at the land of fish & chips, the ever famous queen wave, london bridge, big ben and etc. that is England..I currently re-side at Leeds where it is towards the northern part of England in the district called Yorkshire...Currently pursuing my final year degree at Leeds Metropolitan University majoring in Hospitality =)

The journey leading to this foreign place was definetely bitter sweet where I had to leave not just the country but having to leave my friends and family was the hardest..Tears run through from some of my friends eyes and definetely from the family, the people who are closest to me..other than my brother who did not cry knowing I will return soon...approximately 9 - 11 monthz I have to leave my loved ones behind but nevertheless I knew I was to embark on an excitin adventure and I am goin to make the best out of it..The time that I will be spending here seems long but with a blink of an eye, it will almost be the end...

As I boarded the Etihad Airways, it was goodbye Kuala Lumpur and HELO Abu Dhabi first for a transit and then off to Leeds via Manchester..After arriving, that is when I know I was going to be independent to stand on my own two feet and fend for myself...The first few weeks was definetely hard to adjust due to the culture differences, horrible weather and the currency exchange..after awhile, I started to get used to it and now I am doin just fine =)

Throughout my time here, I have been hangin out most of my time in the city, met a couple of new friends and partying here is a must! hahah.. even had indian and german cookout sessions with my dear friends which I love the most...Partying here is a student thing like headin over to the clubs or pubs but nevertheless control is what is most important as I do not want to burn a hole in my wallet..So far my time here has been exciting and of course there are down momentz as well but juzt need to stay positive like how my good friend Julia Neumann tells me =)

Lookin outside my window now, I see trees which has leaves turned yellow or orange or brown or red in colour or some even "naked" as it is currently autumn at the moment. Winter will be setting in mid of november or beginning in december...Weather here has been inconsistent where one minute it can be very very cold, next minute it can be very warm so it depends on mother naturez mood hahah! If you take a look at my facebook photo album gallery thats where you can check the Leeds Autumn Collection..Check it out if you would like to see how autumn is like over here...

To view photos of my time here kindly click this URL :

P/s : I miss everyone back home and not forgetting FOOD!!!!

Ipoh, Malacca and Penang here I come upon my return!!


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