Saturday, March 12, 2005


OHH YEH It'z the beginning of the weekend and also holiday wooohoooo.....BUT unfortunately during the holidayz i still do have tuition and also meetingzz sigh*.......but anyway wot bout 2day hmmm it wuz alrite i guesss nuthin much happend 2day......all i did basically 2day wuz went 2 skool,came home,took a bath had lunch n went online coz of an online I.U meetin dat the rotarian called for....afta dat went 2 hav a nap but the sucky thing wuz the wheather SUCKED although my air-con wuz on ish ish hate the wheather man!!!i wonder why it only rained in the mornin and not in the aftanoon where the sun iz shining sooo sooo brightly damn!!alrite got up from my nap,watched tv,had dinner n went for taekwando afta dat...the trainin 2day wuz torcher but it wuz ALLL GOOD 2 me coz makez me F . I . T muahaha!!!it'z true ok....hahaha!!afta taekwando,went for supper at asia cafe in SS15 Subang Jaya....Ice Kacang Rox as well as the spaggethi marinara i ate!!afta supper came home took my last shower 4 d day n came online afta dat....basically came online 2 chat wif all my buddiez coz mostly everyone are online on fridayz!!so anyway besides chattin took my time 2 update me blog i think datz it from me!!

=Peace Out=

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