Friday, March 18, 2005


Questionzzzzz.....oh god y am i being ask the same question every single day!!it'z alwayz the same n never different i'm sooo fed-up already!!iz thiz because people have this huge problem that the i.u gala evening iz in skool??i mean cum on if your a loyal interactor u wud not care where the i.u may can either be in skool or in a hotel or in sum hall or woteva....n 2 skool studentz well basically i know sum may be dissapointed but juz think of ur parentz n not juz 4 urself!!coz rememba doin it in a hotel takez up alot of money anyway frm now on 2 those people u keep askin me the same question here'z my answer alrite if u wanna cum juz cum,if u do not want 2 cum den go ahead dun cum....coz i'm already really fed-up of answerin the same question every single anyway datz bout it 4 2dayz blog n i juz want 2 say sorry if diz blog offendz anyone!!

=Peace Out=

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