Friday, March 11, 2005


well woke up a lil earlier 2day 2 go 2 skool coz had 2 go update the annoucement book about my upcoming first aid talk n cpr demonstration which will be comin up in 2 weekz hopefully loads of ppl will turn up 4 d talk(touch wood).....hmm wot else happen 2day oh yeh SPM results came out 2day n i met my old form 5 frenz n i wuz really excited 2 c dem ecspecially my interact ex-bod it'z been awhile since i met them.....most of my frenz really did very welll 4 d examz sooo conratz 2 them....hmm bsides SPM Results hmm wot else ohh yeh skool overall 2day wuz alrite i guess but 2 suckiest thing wuz i got shouted by my penolong kanan hem coz i wuz out of class....ok neway hmm afta skool had a short meetin,went bak home took a bath n went 2 sleep...but i cudn't sleep coz of the noises frm my neighbourz house,my dogz as well as my sis whu was tellin my dog 2 shut up coz they were juz barkin 2 much!!sigh* ok neway got up came online,watched tv,ate dinner n went 4 my favourite subject tuition which iz chemistry sum people may think i'm weird but chemistry iz like xtremely FUN...i juz dunno Y lol!!afta tuition came home,n came online 2 chat wif my buddiez as well as taipin a letter 4 i.u day..n last but not least 2 create diz blog heheh so neway frm me i think datz it 4 2day!!!

=Peace Out=

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