Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Busy Busy Busy Busy And Of All Dayz Busy On A Monday!!!

monday hmm well woke up early as usual 2 go 2 skool....n as usual borin assembly but i got back my english paper 2day heheh but only paper 1.....but lucky i got 50/60 so not bad ler!!hopefully get a really good mark 4 my paper 2 ......hmm well 2day din go 2 well either cozzzz my interact club teacher advisor iz like sooo soo fussy i can't take it anymore Y u ask?COZZZZZZ she'z sooo particular about people taipin a formal letter n it haz 2 be in british english,n if she spotz juz 1 mistake we hav 2 taip d letter all over again n bla bla bla....but anyway afta skool i went 2 my good buddie'z house 2 settle the invitation letterz 4 my club'z i.u day which will be cumin up real sooon....afta dat went 4 my usual monday pyshicz tuition....n as usual in class my teacher haz 2 alwayz talk bad things bout me i wonder y...but anyway afta tuition got home,ate my dinner n went 2 my good buddies house yet again 2 finish up the invitation letterz...juz imagine 60 over letterz 2 clip n trust me it ain't an easy job....we couldn't finish in time soo we had 2 continue 2moro afta skool due 2 my curfew 2day soo yeh....came bak from my good buddie'z house round 10.30,came online 2 e-mail sum letterz n create diz blog....overall 2day it wuz a reallllly BUSY Day 4 me yet again!!hope 2moro ain't dat bad...(*touch wood*)...i think datz bout it 4 diz blog!!

=Peace Out=

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