Saturday, March 05, 2005

What Another Day Today!!!

well...letz c hmm well went 2 skool 2day but d worst thing had 2 happen 2 me *sigh* i had a bad flu n i wuz sneeezing all d way till skool ended dat sux!!!afta i came home from skool had a bath, had lunch n slept rite afta i took my flu medicine...woke up round 2p.m 2 prepare myself 2 go 2 sunway lagoon resort hotel with my i.u director 2 discuss bout my i.u day with the senior sales n marketing manager...afta d meeting i wuz relief coz 4 d past few dayz i had sleepless nitez coz of my i.u venue...juz hope i can sleep better 2nite hahaha!!! afta i got home from sunway well basically had 2 taip more letterz AGAIN.....i think i'm kinda like fed up with letterz already!!! weird but true hahah....afta finishin up d letterz i had dinner n i went 2 sleep again rite afta dat coz i took my medicine seemz 2day my life haz been really hectic pluz miserable....but nvm hope nuthin happenz 2 me 2moro!!neway afta i woke up i watched sum tv n came online juz 2 chat with my buddies like marcus,rachel,sheryl,darrel,lit fwu,jovi ok fine basically my good buddies hahaha.....i think datz bout it in my 1st blog so frm me l8az ppl!!!!

=Peace Out=

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