Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sleepy Tuesday!!!

well it'z tuesday but diz tuesday iz not like any tuesday coz 2dayz tuesday 4 me iz more of a sleepy tuesday cozzz i'm soo tireddd.....i've been havin lack of sleep 4 the past few dayz already n i think i gotta chill!!!datz wot all my frenz say n i agree wif them ler.....ok so anyway 2day wuz also terrible ecspecially at biology class cozzzz i got shouted at by my teacher bcoz i got a poor result 4 my biology exam...oh god n i'm already in form 5 n SPM iz cumin soon!!!well i think it'z time 4 me 2 buck up hehehe......hope all my BIG talk will work hahah so(touch wood) i can do it heheh....alrite i skipped 11 period 2day n i felt guilty coz it wuz my favourite subject durin dat period which iz chemistry sigh* but anyway i skipped 11 period n went 2 my good buddie'z house again 2 finish up d invitation letterz 4 i.u day.......n thnk god we are done!!!BUT we hav not sent them out yet cozzzz i'm still waitin 4 confirmation from the hotel we're havin d event at....hopefully i'll get d ballroom(touch wood)heheh.....alrite afta finishin d letterz had a nice chat with my good buddie'z mom n suprisingly she'z really nice n she wuz so nice 2 fetch me bak home frm my good buddie'z house soo overall she'z SUPER NICE!!!alrite afta i got bak home,took a bath,ate lunch n went 2 sleep.....got up round 4 sumthin 2 go 4 tuition n oh god i kept fallin asleep in class n diz iz like d 1st time it happen 2 me in my tuition sigh* hopefully i get my good nite sleep bak again......alrite afta tuition came home,ate dinner n came online 2 e-mail my friend as well as creatin diz blog so anyway i think datz bout it...gtg finish my homework now!!!

=Peace Out=

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