Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a day out!!

yeap today iz my off day & the day started off quite alrite...woke up slightly late today phew thank goodnezz but could hav been later if i didn't have to go for lunch at college lolx...anyway today my seniors were cooking/serving at the restaurant in SHTLM so my friendz(farasha,shou ren,yoon & anton) & i decided to drop by to support them by having our lunch there...my friendz all ordered the chicken szechuan style except for me who had to be different by orderin the thai green curry beef lolx...the food turned out alrite but could hav been better...good job to the seniorz anyway!! after lunch,we then went to the curve to meet up with khalid & go for a movie...we watched 'beneath still waters' which was sooooooo disgusting but nice...some critics say itz lame & borin & yeah sum partz were so can't blame em lolx...after the movie, khalid brought us to starbuckz in ikano to chill out & it'z coz he was able to get the staff purchase discount hehe thanx man!! we camwhored/golo & cit cated all the way till 6 sumthin & after that went upstairz to check out the petz in pet safari...& i saw diz lil. cute golden retreiver which wassss goshhhh i can't explain mann...you guyz havto check it out for yourself & you'd better hurry before it getz sold hehe...after checkin out the petz,we then went bak home & traffic jam was hell sigh...this wot happenz if you go back after office hourz goshh...got bak home round 830pm & basically just lepaked around till now...but before i end,herez some pix from today hehehe!!

* thatz me & farasha *

* shou ren & me muahahah *

* shou ren . me . khalid being pozerish!!! *

* shou ren,farasha & me with our starbuckz drinks *

so thatz about it...therez actualli more but my friendz hasn't send em to me yet so diz will do for now...from me happy reading!!

p/s : friendz help friendz to achieve what they want =)

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