Sunday, August 06, 2006


okay itz been almost a month since i've last blogged...itz not coz i dont want to itz coz i'm juz really busy...but anywayz i'm back from my busy schedule & i'm here once again to blog..& to vincent nah here it iz...d update post u've been waiting for haha..anywayz yesterday wuz smk seafieldz interact club 11th installation day & i wuz one of the host/emcees for the other co-emcee wuz nat li who ROX hahah...but anyway preparationz were done alrite just that the crowd wuz kinda bad maybe coz it wuz held to close to all the trial examz & loads of peeps gotta study n all sigh...oh ya ENIGMA performed yesterday & they were MARVELOUS & HOT as alwayz...i'll alwayz remain as their number one fan!!!(sorry helena,vicky,shar lyn & shar mayn for the bad crowd but hey at least everyone who attended loved ur performance!!!)...anywayz note to any seafield interactors who readz this..the 11th installation day of smk seafield marks my last involvement in your club so from there on out i wish all of you guyz all the best n viva la interact to you not let all of the ex-bod of the interact club of smk seafield down!! after the event,went to my dad'z friend's house for house warming..n hell yeah to vodka orange(thanx to stanley lim who brought the vodka hahaha!!!)...note to you readerz..i wuz not drunk after drinkin that okayz..although my best friend's mom said i was but i wuz not seriously hahah...anywayz i guess thatz about it from me soo happy readin!!


vpws said...

haha drunk ppl won't say that they're drunk la.. LOL! :P

wanna go for this year's interact conference? hahaha!

ShAuN said...

i'm serious la i wasnt drunk la haha wuz still in 1 piece lolx..aiyoo dowan la..i'm already goin 4 next yearz district rotaract assembly at duno whr yet haha...u so anxious to go ah>>?

vpws said...

haha.. been there twice, illegally.. haha it feels so nice to go undercover.. hahaha! :P