Thursday, August 24, 2006

cendol fiasco = 230806

well as usual today had college after my break on tuesday...for now i kinda enjoy college i hav no idea why but maybe it'z coz i have my new friendz around so it makez it much more fun start the day off,my 1st class was an orientation of all the kitchenz on SHTLM but before the orientation chef mokhtar distributed our kitchen uniformz & also the knife setz heheh.. after distributing we den embark our journey to all the kitchenz lolx...from the preparation kitchen to the baking kitchen to the production kitchen...we also visited the training restaurant & also 'the chiller' where all dairy productz,meat,vegetables & etc are stored...after the orientation,went to the deli for another orientation wit my course tutor ms.merry...after everything,went bak home to get my sister & go to pyramid...i then joined lena & shou ren for lunch at bar b q was unique & good...andy joined us later & he was late...lolx....(andy,lena & shou ren = new friendz) =) after lunch,went shoppin for shou ren'z outfit for monday'z professional day...after shoppin,shou ren & i headed to subang parade to look for his glasses while lena & andy went to galaxy for karaoke lolx...after checkin out the glasses,went to galaxy to join lena & andy..dang & i only manage to sing 1 song coz i had to go off...sigh!! anyway after karaoke,went to SEGi college to get yue mei for cendol & was yue mei'z 1st lifetime experience eating cendol & rojak by the road side for me,itz been awhile since i've done dat lolx..good memories!! after our cendol,went to pyramid to fetch my sis & her bf home...after fetchin them home, yue & i went to buy nasi lemak for yue'z dad & then fetch jian from jewin'z house...after gettin him,i drove all the way to bukit rimau to send yue & jian home(hahah i noe i'm nice!!)...after fetchin dem bak,went bak home & guess what?? i went staright to sleep coz i was sooooo darn tired!! but anywayz at least i was happy although i was tired....i guess thatz about it for today,so from me yeah u guessed it happy readin!!

p/s : never eat too much cendol in a week =)


vpws said...

i wanna eat cendol also!! da last time i eat was AGESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ago man! :(

ShAuN said...

hahahaha ok ok...nxt week we go lah kayz lolx!!

vpws said...

haha next next week la.. i holiday ad dat time! wuakakaka!~