Friday, September 01, 2006


well itz 1 day before malaysia'z independence day & here it goes lolx...woke up very early diz mornin coz i had 2 be at college by 8am to change into my kitchen 830am on the dot chef mokhtar had already asked the whole class to enter the kitchen & those who weren't properly groomed was given a lecture before the class could actualli start..after enterin the kitchen, & it was time for us to get used to be in the kitchen for very long hourz...todayz class was for 8 hourz & only an hour break fooh...the fun part about today was there was a some production shooting & they came to shoot how we studentz work in the kitchen lolx...& the coolest part was i was in it MUAHAHA....i have no idea when it'll be out yet so once i've find out then i'll post about it hehe...after the shoot,marisa,rosa,eng kit,anton & shou ren went to the cafetaria for our lunch since it was only a short break & i was to call myself crazy if i had to actually go outside to eat wearin my kitchen outfit...after lunch,went to student centre & played a lil. foosball with khalid,marisa,rosa & shou ren which was total funnezz...once the clock strikes 120pm we had to run back up to the kitchen to get ready yet again to cut up some stuff...chef mokhtar assigned all of us to cut up carrotz & onionz & he thought us the proper & professional way on how 2 cut them up..AWESOME!! class ended kinda early which was good coz i was super tired & i had to stay back till 530pm coz of the SHTLM club meeting which was scheduled at 5pm...after kitchen was over,got change back into my clothes & then lepaked around till meeting started...i'm kinda excited that i hav been assign to handle the trip to malacca for the whole SHTLM people & hopefully it'll be a great success hehehe...anyway after meeting,came back home & lepaked around till i had to go for drumz at 7pm....after drumz,went to get shou ren & headed off to ss15 4 dinner before we proceed to sunway lagoon surf beach for the ambang merdeka...andy joined us for dinner as well lolx...after dinner,dash off to sunway & to my suprise loadz of studentz attended the event 'semangat negara weih!!!' the event,the host (jakeman from asked anyone who wanted to win somethin & i raised my hand & omg la among all the people who raised,he called me & when i went up stage gosshhh everyone could see me & i was even projected to the big screen at the event...okay soo i was a patriotic person who answered all jakeman'z questionz except for 1 which nobody knew at all so it was all good lolx...anyway,after winning the stuff(shirt & car sticker by SyUC) shou ren,andy & myself felt bored & we then decided to go to asia cafe to juzt hang out muahaha...after hanging out, drove back home & yes i saw fireworkz as i was goin home coz the clock had already struck 12am & it was the 31st of august already!! okay so i came back home & i juz chilllled like crazy hehe...i guess thatz about it for this post but before really ending here are some pix from today =)

* me & shou ren doin his lala poze *

* marisa & me before culinary kitchen operations practical *

* me & rosa before CKO practical hehe*

* all smilezzz at the kitchen well maybe it'z just us hahah!! *

* group leader & asst. group leaders for group c *

*craziest people in SHTLM august 2006 intake*

* me.shou ren & marisa at sunway lagoon surf beach for ambang merdeka*

*andy & me at Asia Cafe after ambang merdeka*

okay thatz about it soo l8az & i'll blog soon hehehe.....

p/s : pozing iz an internal talent =)


vpws said...

lol! stylo mylo! :P

ShAuN said...

hahaha yeah man!!!