Monday, June 12, 2006

- shangri-la -

the title sez it ken sing & i went down to shangri-la hotel for my dad'z weekly rotary lunch meeting...the objective was to talk to my dad'z friend who was the incoming district service to new generations chairman of rotary year 2006/2007 about the taylor's college rotaract club chartering thingy..but anyway before the talk,we had lunch & todayz lunch was good...ken sing & i started off with the soup which was hot & sour seafood soup...can't imagine ken sing juzt dump his bun on top of the soup ish ish...wonder how to go for fine dining hahaha jokez!! anyway after soup he proceeded to his main course while i had salad...after my salad i den took my main course & after that cheese & crackerz...MOZARELLA CHEESE rocked!! & diz wuz ken sing'z 1st time tryin dat cheese with 1st he wuz like ermm im not into cheese & all but after that he wuz like fooh can i hav summore lebih man!! hahaha...but hey at least he enjoyed the lunch & it wuz he'z 1st buffet lunch at shangri-la hotel muahaha not to mention a 5 star hotel too!! anyway after all our main course meal & all we then proceed to dessertz which wuz of course delicious...strawberry cheesecake wuz AWESOME!!! i guess todayz lunch wuz a lunch to remember & at the lunch meeting one of the rotarian was giving a talk about the various skin diseases & thank gawd i ate my lunch before the slide presentation...kinda sad seeing people who sufferz from that kinda diseases sobz...after the meeting,ken sing & i headed on up to the pub to meet up with the district service to new generations chairman to discuss about the chartering of taylor'z college rotaract club & i wuz kinda relief that he told me our club iz a provisional club of rotary club of usj..phew!! so in the end he asked us to approach the president of the rotary club of usj president to get thingz all the best to ken sing who will be the one settling it hehehe...anyway after shangri-la,we went all over the place coz dad needed to settle his work before we go home...before going home,went to taylor'z college to collect my LAN transcript but couldn't get it coz my teacher went home...kinda pity her coz she waited for me to come & i ended up coming late...feel bad but oh well im goin to collect it 2moro soo muahaha...anyway i guess thatz about it for todayz post so from me HAPPY READING!!

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