Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm Back!!!

Whoaaaa....it'z beeen ages since i've blogged...but neway a new year n here'z a fresh start although it'z already february lolx.well today'z valentine's day n as usual itz a lonely valentine yet again but neway doesnt really matter 2 me anymore coz i've got used to it..so neway 2day me n my rotaract club memberz helped to sell stufff for valentine's like roses,cookies,chocolate & candies,cardzz n drinkz...i have no idea how much we earned from the sales but 2dayz sale wuz super fun....from draggin people to buy our stuff n using the power of convincing people to buy wuzzz alll GOOD muahaha...but honestly to those who bought thank you so much n not forgettin to those who helped out 2day juz wanna wish yal a BIG BIG thank YOU...without you honestly i wonder how am i n the rest of the board of directors would manage the stall!! alrite soo that'z all about it 4 wot i did for valentine'z...selling stufff BUTTT i was no doubt happy lolx..i think datz about it 4 diz blog soo till then ttfn!!

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