Saturday, February 25, 2006


In one'z life,friendzzz are really really important because these are the people who supportz you in whatever you do & they are also the people who will alwayz be there for you when your havin problemz no matter how small they are..anyway in this blog i would like to how say expresss my thoughtz about the 3 closest friendz of mine who are ken sing(best bud),hon meng & daniel who basically family to me...honestly i really do treat them as family coz they have been the people who hav been by my side whenever im havin my upz & downz n they are alwayz there to cheer me up & giving me some advice on what to do when i have problemz...ever since high skool finished last year,we stilll do see each other every other week which iz kinda cool cause i guess none of us would want to actually let go our great friendship that was build since god who noez when hahaha...well i can say this are the people who are called FRIENDZZZ soo to u guyz yal juz rock & thanx for being part of my life(sorry diz soundz damn gay coz i've no clue on what to write)...soooo i guess datz about it for this blog.i noe itz short but hey letz juz say tonite i'd like to keep it short & datz about it from me sooo happy reading people!!

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