Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Ending...

since eric iz lookin for the ending sooo nah here it iz...well the ending of the weekend ended up alrite...went out to sunway pyramid with my fren to celebrate eddy'z birthday but i had 2 leave early at dat time coz i had taekwandooo...i kinda felt bad 4 leavin but hey i came bak rite afta classs but before joinin the celebration went out for lunch with yue mei which also happenz to be yue mei'z dinner haha...afta lunch few of us went 2 get eddy'z prezzy while sum of us took eddy away so dat she wudn't know wot we were gettin her 4 her prezzy...when we gave her d prezzy she wuz like OMG a big teddy but she had no place to put it soo lookz like she had to go find a nice spot 4 her nice big teddy bear hahaa...after suprising her with d prezzy we alll decided to go to secret recipe cozz i wanted 2 spend her a cake hehehe....anywayzzzz i finish d perfect sunday off by playin carrom n yes i lost to my standard 6 couzin coz he wuzzzzz super good...hey it'z not my fault i lost coz he haz been trainin every single damn day n i din even like bothered lolx..but neway had fun losing neway hahahahaha...i guess datz about it for the ending of my weekend sooo happy reading!!!

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