Monday, June 30, 2008

Goalz & Opportunitiez

In life it iz when we want something & to achieve our own personal goalz we should work hard for it & in return we will be able to achieve those goalz of ourz...Itz all about hard work & desire towards attaining those goalz that we want & without that we can say that we have fail to achieve our own goalz which leads to dissapointments & throw that away & start workin hard!!!

When opportunities are given, we should grab it & not wait for it to come to you...opportunities do not come that easily & therefore go for it...have that fire in you to take up that challenge & put urself in ur own spotlight to be that 'person'...well who knowz, one day this opportunity may be the 'one' which can put you in the right direction & later realize in life this was the thing dat lead to your self-actualization..


thatz it from me...quite motivational post i know..herald say hez the motivator of the people that surrounds him which i do not deny of it coz he haz been a motivational best friend to me when i have my upz & downz..well i believe as well im a motivator too juzt like him!! hahahah....

till then......

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