Sunday, January 13, 2008

brand new tag

1. List down 5 thingz you would like to do when goin on holiday,

i) eatin
ii) shoppin
iii) sight seeing
iv) havin fun fun fun n more fun
v) see different cultures

2. 5 thingz you will bring if you were to be left stranded on a deserted island,

i) mobile phone
ii) food
iii) matches
iv) drinks
v) laptop

3. 5 characteristics which desribes you,

i) funni
ii) sexy....=P
iii) bising
iv) fat...yeah i noe dat suaxxxx!!!
v) crazy

4. 5 subjectz that you love the most throughout schoolin life(includes college & uni),

i) sejarah
ii) food & beverage
iii) culinary kitchen operations
iv) alcoholic & beverage operations
v) hospitality & tourism management

5. 5 countries that you would love to visit,

i) scotland
ii) germany
iii) china
iv) japan
v) ireland

now tag 5 friendz to do this tag,

i) herald
ii) jojo
iii) jocelyn
iv) see wei
v) yue mei

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