Friday, December 08, 2006


okay it haz been over 2 monthz since i last my frequent readers i do appologize cause i was too caught up studying & finishin my overload assignments which was needed to be completed before the finalz...but anywayz yeahh final examz are finally OVER!!! december iz here, christmas is nearing as well as my birthday sooo time to PARTAY!!! muahahah...workin at aquaria again will commence in 10 dayz...hopefully it'll be all good...anywayz since finalz are over my indon friendz are goin bak NOOOOooOOoOOoOOooOOOO...goin to miss them loads!! so before ending the post goin to uploadz some current pix that ive jus took!!




(sunway resort hotel & spa field trip)

( & devi potraying our sweaty look)

(the new look!!)

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