Friday, December 14, 2007


well im here bak again 2 blog about recent or ages of the past hehe..sorri about d late update due to busynezzz...but anyway it haz been a long n windy road 4 d past few months..loadz of upz n downz but hey datz life & datz what we havto go thru in life all the time & if there isnt that, life should cease to exist...anyhow today wuz quite of a hectic stormy excitin tiring n fun day i suppose as me.wan.herald.andy & doreen celebrated mine & heraldz birthday at yuenz steamboat, sunway 7 we suprised herald with his dream shoe which i bet he didnt expected from us as he wanted 2 get so badly till he getz his money from work / wait 4 his parentz 2 come =).....before dinner, we were at bukit tinggi jusco klang hangin out as the mall wuz a new mall & it was a big as pavillion kl...gosh i love it there man!!! but even before that, we went out wit fafa & his friend sarah for lunch at sri paandi,taipan as where we enjoyed our luscious indian food which i had been craving for a longggg time =)....the day today wuz awesome altho some asshole accidently hit mua car but itz nt dat bad soo yeah...but oh well shit happenz...

examz are over & YESSSSSS.....what a relief!!! imagine 3 dayz of exam & 2 paperz on each day how shitty it can be..but the best part of it izzzz we get to finish it earlier rather than draggin it on 4 a long period of time heheh =)...examz 4 diz semester well i can say dat i did not put in my 110% but i did my best i could so all i wish is 4 d best of luck & wotever happenz...happenz!! even if i havto accept dissapointments i shall accept it bravely wakakaka...

since examz are over ive got nothin else better to do but to lepak around & also help my chef in baking which is pretty productive 4 me..n i nid 2 start headin bak 2 all my sports activities as i am gainin more weight which is a bad sign =P ...nid to at least lose of about 5 kgz or more by the end of this year hehe...*like datz gona happen* shit!! but oh well juzt havto work hard..NO PAIN NO GAIN lolx...mite follow hing dai to the gym nxt week onwards rather than juzt sit at home n rot n grow mushroom lolx...n futsal iz on 2moro yesh!!! havent played in almost a month n ive been skippin it 4 ages =P...feel gluttony now hahaah...nid to get fit again!!

i guess datz about it for this post..will update soon with pixturez as happy readin =)

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