Sunday, July 22, 2007

back again...itz been a long time!!

heyy guyz....i'm finally back again hahaha...juzt finished my semester 3 & i'm like on a super long holiday till 27th august till my next semester starts...sooo semester 3 wuz one hell of a stressful semester..everythin damn thing iz jammmed packed into 3 1/2 months which kinda suxxxxx....the worst part bout being in diz semester wuz i had 2 deal with a pretty difficult lecturer but it was thank goodness manageable!!! suckiest part oso i had dengue 2 months back which totally wasn't a good time 4 me as i suffered like hell...but i'd like to thank some of my budz who have helped me along the way ...there were also sad events that happen diz semester which was our programme directors farewell which saddens me coz she was such a good head of school & i am proud to be her student & the student rep. for her programme...besides dat, my bestie academic coordinator resigned & moved on sigh...missing her already...kenot hear her bisingnezz around college lolx..but oh well lucki we still keep in touch phew*....itz kinda hard sometimes to have a bond with the lecturers but at my school...I LOVE IT coz all the lecturers are soooooo nice & they will communicate with the students wheter itz regardin with studies or social stuff me i've beeen definetely put in the right school!! anywayz datz about it for diz will be updated soon...till den crackerz!!

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